Hire Me

I have over a decade of experience creating websites, managing web teams and training developers. I've ran into enough issues that I will be of benefit to your project.

I've worked for some amazing companies through the years and I am ready to take the value I've provided one company at a time and share it with more folk!

I am passionate about the web. When I work with you it won't be repeat business on the line, it will be my reputation as someone who makes the web better. I will not let you down.

Services I offer

I offer a wide range of services, all focused around delivering value to a web project.

Interim CTO

I have a passion for solving business problems, putting in place great teams and giving them the required direction.

Specifically I can help with;

  • Working out the product roadmap
  • Who the first technical hires should be
  • Planning how the engineering culture could look
  • Helping with the hiring process (including for a full time CTO if that makes sense)
  • Putting good development practices into the business from the get go
  • Analysing the technical landscape and the current toolsets being used
  • Turning tech talk into English when speaking to investors
  • Using my network to help the business wherever I can

You can read more on my Interim CTO page

Ruby Developer

I've worked on highly available, well trafficked Rails applications with millions in revenue going through them. I know the importance of writing clean code that is understandable and gets the job done well.

My writing has been featured in places like Ruby Weekly several times. I write about Ruby and related subjects.

You can read more on my Ruby Contractor London page.

Javascript Developer

I have had my hand in most of the major Javascript frameworks. I have ongoing projects in both Meteor and React.

I started my career writing banner code that would select from a random set of images, now I write realtime interactive applications in Javascript.

Technical Writer

I love writing, in fact I have a whole section of articles dedicated to the topic.

I've written books and for some of the best publications in the business, I would be happy to write for yours.


More recently in my career I have been tasked with passing on my knowledge to more junior developers. Through workshops and one on one sessions I am able to help accelerate understanding of a subject. I leave the learner less confused and more confident than when we started.


I'm a standard nerd. I get excited by tech and like to makes people's lives easier with it. If there is something you think will get me excited and think I would be a good fit, lets chat.

I also do Double Entendre as a Service

Interested in working with me on a project? Please do get in touch.