• Ebrahim

    Good job :)
    (I’m not a user of your tool. However I like Redmine and would like it to be as featureful as possible!)

  • Roberto

    Just wondering… how it works? Just found the place to enter de URL and API key

  • http://www.tosbourn.com/ Toby Osbourn

    Hey Roberto, Do you see the icon on the top left of your screen? Like a small ‘R’ – if you click it you should be able to add basic issues, there is still a lot of development to do on it!!

  • Dimon

    Please, give a shortname for your plugin ;)

  • http://www.tosbourn.com/ Toby Osbourn

    Ha, yeah I should – I am crap at picking names for things though.

  • Blautzik

    Nice effort. Will keep checking back.

  • Gabriel Koen

    Can’t wait to use this!  Props. :)

  • JeffK

    I’m a little new to NetBeans, but how do I install this thing into my copy of NetBeans?  It doesn’t show up in the Plugins menu.

  • http://www.tosbourn.com/ Toby Osbourn

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the comment – if you look here it should be able to guide you – http://blogs.oracle.com/NetBeansSupport/entry/how_to_download_and_install

  • smilinmonki666

    I have installed the .nbm file via Tools | Plugins but to no avail. I think I am being stupid by asking this but, anything else I need to install?

  • smilinmonki666

    Ok, got it installed as I was being a muppet, but still being a muppet as I want to connected to my redmine…?

  • http://www.tosbourn.com/ Toby Osbourn


    It isn’t being a muppet, the plugin is in it’s very early stages so there are no bells and whistles yet! You need to go into your preferences where you will find a redmine tab, add your api details there.

  • smilinmonki666

    Where is it you get your API key?

    Wish I could contribute but my only knowledge of Java is jQuery :)

    I will feature it in my Tutorial of building a development Environment when I have finished my site though…

  • smilinmonki666

    Also, are you looking to try to integrate this into the Team || Find Issue/ Report Issue system?

  • http://www.tosbourn.com/ Toby Osbourn

    I will be eventually – I want to try and carve out some time soon to look at this.

  • dimitris

    any news on this planning to keep it going? looked promising:)

  • http://www.tosbourn.com/ Toby Osbourn

    Hi there,

    Thanks for getting in touch – I have plans to rewrite this properly, but they are very low on my list of priorities I am afraid.

  • Jeff Kopmanis

    Go to My Account and on the right side of the screen, you’ll see RSA and API keys.  Just click on the Show link and it’ll show you your key.

    …passing on what a mentor passed on to me.

    -Jeff. :)