Uninstalling Lotus Notes Traveler from your Android Device

If you ever need to uninstall Lotus Notes Traveler from your Android device you need to first of all remove Traveler from your device administrators list.  If you don’t do this the uninstall will fail.

To do this go to…

Menu > Settings > Location & Security > Select device Administrators.

Then you should be able to complete the uninstall normally.


A commenter (thanks!) has mentioned that on newer versions of Android the path should be

Menu > Settings > Security > Device Administrators

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  • Aaa

    Thanks a lot for this information, I managed to uninstall this application !

  • Bbb

    Perfect, thanks alot!

  • http://www.tosbourn.com/ Toby Osbourn

    Glad it could help you guys.

  • Michael

    Thanks much for the tips !!  

  • http://www.tosbourn.com/ Toby Osbourn

    No bother, glad it helped!

  • PeterTx52

    the newer location is menus/settings/security/device administrators

  • http://www.tosbourn.com/ Toby Osbourn

    Thanks for letting me know, it has been a while since I have had traveler installed on my Android phone. I have updated the post.

  • Muthu

    thank you for the author… it was really helpful.

  • Mad.Is.On

    THANK YOU! Man, I was starting to get frustrated!

  • Thomas

    Thanks for this useful information. I wonder why it is not included in IBM’s documentation.

  • Rabeeh Ahamed

    tans dude for ur valuable idea,,, i was searching tis for mr than a month

  • BJM

    Thanks for the simple to understand info. that works

  • Francois

    thanks ! very useful advice!

  • sailesh

    Thank you !! really weird with this from many days… finally got solution :)

  • Hario

    Really helpful, thanks a lot

  • Ganesh Sankaran

    I not able to uninstall traveler despite the disable through device administration. Neither force stop nor uninstall button get highlighted for me to do anything. On all other apps there options r highlighted to click but somehow on traveller it seems to have been hardcoded !
    Can someone suggest a way out

  • http://www.tosbourn.com/ Toby Osbourn

    I hope someone can help you – unfortunately I have not seen this happen.

  • Hossein

    Thanks, very helpful

  • Kathy

    I’ve followed all the instructions below. Menu/Settings/Security//Device administrators
    When I try to un check the IBM Notes Traveler it comes up at the top. “Activate Device administrator?” It does not give me the option to deactivate, only activate….. But when I try to uninstall the app, it tells me that I have to uninstall the app before I can install…. AND when I go through the play store to deactivate, it tells me “this app is a device administrator and must be deactivated before uninstalling….AAAAAHHHHH I’m soooo frustrated!!! Has anyone ever had this issue?

  • http://www.tosbourn.com/ Toby Osbourn

    So sorry to hear about your issues Kathy!

    I haven’t experienced this at all sorry!

  • Stuart Walker

    Thanks very much – worked perfectly!

  • Poul

    Sorry to report I have the exact same issue. When I uninstall I cannot due to the app being device admin, and when I deactivate the device admin I can no longer uninstall as all config-info has been removed with the device-admin-status.

    So I guess I just have to live with the build I have right now for the rest of my phone’s lifetime.

  • Kathy

    Poul – I was finally able to removed this app from my Galaxy S2. Its a process but it worked.
    I went to systems settings/securitydevice administrators (the box was actually checked like the app was activated) I checked the box and then selected activate, then I did the process again.

    I thin went into the app store and typed in IB Notes Traveler. Select Deactivate.

    Then go back to your home screen, and where ever you have the app icon stored hold your finger on the app, and the uninstall word will appear at the top of your screen, drag the icon into the install word.

    If this does not work keep following the sequence until it works.

    One thing I also did was after each process I rebooted my phone. So after you deactivate the device admin, reboot. After you go to the app store and select deactivate the app, reboot. etc.

    Hope this helps. It worked for me.

  • http://www.tosbourn.com/ Toby Osbourn

    Thanks so much for following up here Kathy! Hopefully it helps Poul out!

  • chevy9595@hotmail.com

    thank yo uso much this helps a lot… the lotus traveller seems to be not compatible with samsung devices after samsung s3

  • http://www.tosbourn.com/ Toby Osbourn

    There seems to be plenty of things wrong or weird with traveller!! :-)

  • Jose

    i did it. thanks a lot for the advise.

  • James

    awesome help

  • Yumma

    Worked like a champ, thank you very much!!!

  • Archana

    Worked like a charm! Thanks!

  • clem

    I found another way.

    Locate and open the app “Notes Traveler”
    Select “Menu”
    Click “Tools”
    There’s an option “Uninstall Application”

    You’ll have to click through a few “Yes”s

  • Bob

    I love you. Thanks

  • Alejandro 414

    Gracias me sirvio Mucho (y)

  • Nathan

    This was a big help! Thank you!

  • Babbi

    Thank you. Worked with ease for the two devices I needed to change…even wanted to do the third device for fun and then reinstall.

  • Antonio

    Thanks a lot for the tip, it worked really good.

  • Andy

    Lotus Notes Traveller is the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever seen.