Useful WordPress Links

Here is a collection of articles I have found useful for various WordPress development issues.

I will add to the list over time to be sure to bookmark the post.

(Last Edited 01/04/12)

Getting custom menus into your theme – A nice introductory article by the guys at Think Vitamin.

Adding sub-page information into a parent page – This handy little code sippet comes straight from the Codex and allows you to add child page information into the layout for your parent page.

Customise the WordPress Admin Area – A guide on customising the WordPress Admin Area, useful when removing things useless to the client you are developing for.

Useful WordPress Themes, Tools and Plugins – A really big list from Smashing Magazine with links to various WordPress related content.

5 Ways to including templates in WordPress – A nice quick rundown of ways you can include template files.

Cheers to Paul for proving some of the links.

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  • Matt Thommes

    The fourth link down is broken: “Useful WordPress Themes, Tools and Plugins.” I am looking for something in particular, so I tried that link… (I ended up finding it anyway through Google, just wanted to mention.)

    Side-note: do you know an easy plugin/way to include raw HTML into a WordPress public page? Really it can be dead simple – I just don’t know WordPress that well, and need to embed raw HTML (without WP changing or messing it up) and have it displayed. (It is an HTML form that I want to embed.)


  • Toby Osbourn


    Thanks for the heads up – I will fix that link now.

    To add HTML just in the edit mode of the page click on the HTML view – anything you paste in there will be recognised as HTML and allowed into the page.

    In edit mode press CTRL/CMD+F to get “find” up and type HTML if you can’t see it.

    Maybe I am not understanding correctly, if not let me know!


  • Matt Thommes

    Sorry, I did not clarify… it is actually not for a blog post – it would be for a sidebar/template item. So static stuff that is part of the template, and not an actual post… Thanks for your help!

  • Toby Osbourn

    ¬†Sorry my last post got eaten…

    You can either;

    1) Embed it as part of the
    theme (you can edit theme files from Appearance > Editor) – but this
    will get overwritten if you update the theme.


    2) Add a
    widget into the area you wish and select Text/HTML and paste it in
    there – but your theme may not have an area for this to happen.

    I don’t believe there are any other ways of doing it sorry.

  • Matt Thommes

    No, that helps – just wanted some ideas. Thanks!