Barry Adams SEO Talk About the Future of SEO at DigiExNI

My thoughts on a talk given by SEO Barry Adams at DigiExNI

Tonight I attended my first DigiExNI event having missed the first one because Build Conf was on, it was held at Morrison's bar in Belfast. By all accounts the first event was well received so I was keen to try and catch one, the fact that the speaker tonight was my boss and buddy Barry Adams SEO extraordinaire sealed the deal that I should go.

Barry Adams SEO talk

Barry spoke about what he thought was in store for the future of the SEO industry and had some pretty good insights such as;

  • Google has yet to answer one of the core questions of search, "Why do people click on something". They are trying to solve this with Google+
  • Facebook has solved the above question and is poised to be able to offer a search experience that could rival Google's
  • The Semantic Web is important and only going to get moreso
  • Google is not your friend.
  • If more and more content is stored in silos (inside of applications, for example) users are going to have to start searching in multiple ways, which is obviously bad for users.

When asked if he had any advice for people in business he said "Get educated, Don't rely on people like me to tell you what to do", an excellent take away from the evening.

All in all I thought it was an excellent event, a great talk and some excellent networking opportunities. I look forward to attending more.

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