My Birthday Haul

Later this week is my birthday, a combination of my wife not being able to hold her water and the fact I won't get to open stuff on my birthday means that I got to open my presents tonight.

I was also lucky enough to receive my birthday present from my mum early because it was being posted to my flat.

So happy with the haulage that I wanted to write about it!

Here is what Elaine got me

  • Light up USB lead for my Raspberry Pi
  • An LED Light matrix for my Raspberry Pi
  • Some blue beer (had a glass, it is bloody blue as you will see in the pictures later!)
  • An Unt mug
  • An amazing card
  • A 3Doodler
  • An egg-squarer
  • Batman – Death of the Family
  • Some God is Dead comics I was missing

My mum got me an amazing laptop bag.

Best wife and mum ever! (If you buy me a present you will also be the best person ever, you cannot be my wife or mum though).

Here some pictures!

2015-01-11 22.49.24 A 3Doodler!! For making 3D things out of plastic

2015-01-11 22.58.48 Lovely laptop bag my mum got me!

2015-01-11 22.47.08 Blue Beer

2015-01-11 22.47.45 My first attempt at a cube using the 3Doodler!

2015-01-11 22.46.48 My Unt mug!

An e Batman – Death of the Family

2015-01-11 22.45.49 Blue beer is blue

2015-01-11 22.46.02 PiGlow for the Raspberry Pi

2015-01-11 22.46.13 An Egg Cuber

2015-01-11 22.45.36 Amazing Birthday card!


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