Cheap Belfast PHP/WordPress Hosting

I use Big Wet Fish for hosting my PHP sites and they are great

Any of my sites that are written in PHP (the majority of them!) I host with Big Wet Fish, they are a local company who used to be based out of Belfast but now are based out of Carrickfergus and they offer some of the best web hosting around.

Not only are their prices excellent, more importantly they are brilliant people to work with, they genuinely care about their clients websites, and have developed quite a knack for fixing any problems you might get yourself into when hosting WordPress or PHP websites.

Recently they got in contact with me to say that I could give out an offer code that would make their already cheap prices even cheaper! So I figured I would write a quick blog post that I would link people to.

Disclaimer - I am linking to Big Wet Fish using my affiliate code, so if you follow it I will make some money, but feel free to double check, this site is hosted with them and I wouldn't have it somewhere where I wasn't happy, nor would I actively promote them as much as I do.

So I have said PHP and WordPress hosting, I know for a fact people host other things on their servers, but I personally have only used them for PHP projects (although they were kind enough to give me a server to play about with Ruby on some time ago). They are normally more than happy to set up your server to your specific needs, and certainly any time I have ordered something off them they have asked how I want things to work.

You can also buy your domain names through them, and whilst this isn't something they make a big song and dance over, I would far rather have my domains with them as opposed to 123-Reg who I have used before and wasn't happy with at all.

If you want to find out a little bit more about the owner of Big Wet Fish, I conducted an interview with him a while ago.

Anyway, enough rambling, you probably just want to know how to get cheap hosting from an excellent local company!

Step 1) Go to their website and have a look around
Step 2) When you are ready to order use the promo code bwftoby for 15% off your order.

To put that into some perspective at the time of writing you could pick up business class hosting (more than enough for most websites) for around £70 or under £20 a year for shared hosting.

£20 a year for hosting? That really isn't something to be sniffed at.

The offer also applies to domain names, which is mental because as far as I am aware they don't actually make any money off selling them!

If you live in Belfast (or Northern Ireland) I think it is a no brainer to go with a company that you could drive 10 minutes up the road to have a face to face meeting with as opposed to some company you are never likely to actually be able get speaking to a real person let alone meet for coffee!

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