A savings app which is changing the way young people save and think about money, helping people stay debt free whilst still living their life. Built by a team based in Belfast.


Toby has provided ongoing consultancy for PiggyPot, helping them with projects in JavaScript, Ruby, and Elixir.

Client Testimonial

I've worked with Toby several times over the past 5 years. Most recently, we've contracted Toby to work with us at PiggyPot. Toby has helped us with a range of technologies including Ruby, JavaScript and more recently, Elixir. All of these projects make up a large and complex architecture and we needed someone who we knew would be confortable with this. Having worked with Toby previously, we knew that he would be able to help us.

Further to this, we use Toby's experience to help us with:
  • Architectural design and decisions
  • Manatory code reviews
  • Security reviews/advice
  • SEO reviews/advice
To cap this all off, Toby is easy to get on with and reliable. We're sure to keep using his services. Phil McClure, Director & Lead Developer

Tech Stack

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the technologies we've used in order to help PiggyPot;

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