CreepedIn - calling out the creepiest assholes on LinkedIn

A new site I've created to call out creeps who hit on women on LinkedIn

Today I built and launched a new website. There were probably more productive things I could have been doing but it felt right to get this project out there.


The site is aimed at calling out people who send inappropriate messages on LinkedIn.

I have written about creeps before and have a zero tolerance policy with them. I think it is disgusting behaviour and only serves to make the victim feel uncomfortable and change how they want to act online. This isn’t on.

The site took minutes to get online thanks to Jekyll and Github Pages. I made small changes to the Type Theme (I used the same blue that LinkedIn likes to use).

I have used both Jekyll and Github Pages before, but this was my first time actually setting up everything from scratch, it all went as smoothly as I had hoped it would.

I already had content from when people contacted me after the post I made about David Stewart. Sadly I haven’t even put all of it up yet, I still have several screen grabs that need to be shared.

Still plenty to do

There is still plenty that needs done on the site, but with most things I believe in getting something out there and in front of people ASAP, there is no point in me committing time to making a logo or a favicon for example if the idea is going to flop.

Spread the word

Unfortunately I get the feeling that being creeped on in LinkedIn is incredibly common, I would love to get this project in front of as many eyes as possible so that people a) can see it isn’t just them and b) to shame more people that perform these gross acts. Anything you can do to spread the word would be appreciated.

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