Development Help

Here's a list of our articles on development help.

  1. Quick and Easy CSS Minification Using Atom
  2. Adding Author to Jekyll Posts
  3. Good habits for student developers – Time Keeping
  4. What to do when refactoring a large codebase without tests
  5. What I would look for in a junior developer
  6. How the technical direction of a project can be influenced
  7. Squash br inside contenteditable
  8. Good Habits for Student Developers - Backups
  9. A beginners guide to ARIA
  10. Hearthstone APIs
  11. Divs still have their place
  12. The correct way to markup an image and caption in HTML
  13. View Markdown Files in your Terminal
  14. Some stumbling blocks I hit following my first Swift tutorial
  15. Quick Semantic Wins
  16. Accessibility and SEO are tightly linked
  17. What the header element can be used for
  18. Every developer makes mistakes all the time
  19. Backblaze is part of a great backup solution
  20. Kill off any process on a particular port - An explaination
  21. Backing up an s3 bucket to another s3 bucket
  22. Force a CSV download from a WordPress Plugin
  23. Nav Elements, not just ul wrappers
  24. Turning off the PiFace Control and Display
  25. Kali Linux 32 bit mini ISO getting stuck on samba
  26. Removing Protected and Private from WordPress posts
  27. Copy and Rename multiple files in Linux
  28. Not able to cd or ls into drive mounted by s3fs
  29. Quitting Postgres psql
  30. The safest way to track goal URLs in Google Analytics
  31. CodeIgniter - when to use get_instance()
  32. Resources for getting up to speed with Redis
  33. How to install the latest version of Redis on Ubuntu
  34. Newbie Programming Resources
  35. Open a file in Github from your command line
  36. Values returned to ActiveMerchant by SagePayGateway during 3d secure
  37. You should serve up assets without a protocol
  38. Looking for Bootstrap's popover-inner?
  39. GitGutter – A Sublime Text plugin for seeing changes in git
  40. Indenting Text using Vim
  41. Copy and Paste in Vim
  42. Show off your Localhost with LocalTunnel
  43. Right clicking inside Linux on your Chromebook
  44. Getting Debian to recognise your UK Chromebook
  45. Getting rid of annoying text selection at the bottom of Sublime Text documents
  46. Deploying a particular branch to Engine Yard from the command line
  47. MySQLslap - A quickstart guide
  48. Sublime Text reading SASS files as HAML
  49. Safari on Windows doesn't like outline inside of :after
  50. Turn Off the built in apache on OSx
  51. Firefox honours !important in CSS animations, no one else seems to
  52. Open all your browsers at once in OSx
  53. Different ways to undo in Git
  54. How to turn on invisible characters in Sublime Text 2
  55. Update your Git install
  56. Installing PEAR for PHP on OSx
  57. A checklist of things you will need to learn to make Firefox OS applications
  58. Using Mozilla's Mortar and App stub for bootstrapping Firefox OS apps
  59. Editing remote files locally in OSx
  60. Git branches seem to be case insensitive
  61. Changing the font-style of placeholder text CSS
  62. Every time you write non-standard or invalid code
  63. Setting up Redmine from a blank Ubuntu install
  64. Finding out what version of Apache and PHP a webserver is running when you have little access
  65. Setting up Apache on OSx Mountain Lion
  66. CakePHP and htaccess caching funtimes
  67. Styling Scroll Bars
  68. Google should minify their 404 page
  69. Copying a CakePHP Project from Linux to Windows
  70. PHP - Turn UK Date into US Date
  71. Things to check for in your htaccess file
  72. Useful WordPress Links
  73. Printing on the web
  74. Validation in CakePHP 1.3
  75. Deleting Magento Session Files
  76. CakePHP 2.0 Read Recursive
  77. Canonical and Base URLs
  78. Useful Web Developer Bookmarklets
  79. Updating PHP5.2 to PHP5.3 using apt-get
  80. Get rid of var $name in CakePHP
  81. Managing a Facebook development project.
  82. Checking if a password field is present in Selenium.
  83. Magento Auto Install
  84. Netbeans Private Key Authorisation Problem
  85. MySQLTuner - An excellent free MySQL tool
  86. Disqus showing bullets.
  87. Changing upload permissions in vsftpd
  88. Getting Netbeans Working with OS X Lion
  89. Settings up Netbeans to develop Android applications
  90. Using Git to create an archive of changed files.
  91. Enabling telnet in Windows 7
  92. IE7 td colspan width 'issue'
  93. Uninstalling Lotus Notes Traveler from your Android Device
  94. Git command to show files changed in a commit
  95. Edit an option of a select menu using jQuery
  96. Netbeans Redmine Integration Version 0.1 released.
  97. Netbeans and Redmine Integration.
  98. Explaining Version Control (Git) in Simple Terms
  99. Yum not installing 7zip.
  100. Location of bookmarks.nsf on the mac.
  101. Speed up Lotus Notes on a Mac
  102. Two excellent talks on Git
  103. Quick way to switch between folders in the terminal
  104. Importing a backup file from another MS SQL machine.
  105. Possible issue when using parseInt function.
  106. Finding your SQL Server Version
  107. MySQL snippet - Selecting from table a items that aren't in table b.
  108. PHP - Quick Is Not Set Replace
  109. Internet Explorer Cannot Open The Internet Site - Operation Aborted
  110. Allowing your own From header with sSMTP
  111. What you actually do when you untar something.
  112. Find out which version of Ubuntu I am on.
  113. Useful Git Links
  114. Skipfish - No such file or directory.
  115. Replace ereg with preg_match
  116. Clean up your variables
  117. PHP_DEBUG a very handy little constant
  118. Editing Git Repository Descriptions
  119. Switching between full screen modes in PuTTY
  120. InFrame - Dynamic iFrame creation with jQuery
  121. Internet Explorer 8 Checkbox Issues