Some disclosures about the content we have on tosbourn.com

There are several ways we make money at tosbourn ltd, some of them are more obvious than others. This short document details how we make money.

We want you to trust the things we share and to make informed decisions with the information we provide.

The various ways we make money, and how it might impact you:

Our Clients

People pay us for our software development and management. We love our clients and will often talk about them favourably!

Affiliate Deals

We partner with a few companies we love and by use of affiliate codes might make money if you decide to use their product or service.

We only use affiliate codes for companies we can stand by.

In articles that have affiliate links, we will disclose within the article that links have been added, here is an article about TextExpander with an affiliate code.


We have an affiliate link with Amazon, which we use when we share information about hardware or products we use.

If you choose to purchase something we’ve mentioned, we will make a small amount of money from it.

We accept sponsored posts on the website. This means people will pay us to post an article.

This is normally done so the website in question can get a backlink from our site to theirs.

We do this sparingly and a sponsored post will have a clear section stating it is sponsored.

If you have any questions about anything raised here email us.

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