First week at Innovation Enterprise

I am a week behind getting this post out the door, but recently I announced that I was going to be starting at Innovation Enterprise. Now I have finished my second week and I wanted to write about my thoughts.

The People

Innovation Enterprise is by far the biggest company I have worked as a developer for and I was a little nervous at meeting so many new people.

Turns out I didn’t have to be as they all seem really nice and really passionate about their particular part of the business. I have remembered about 3 names of people who aren’t in the dev team so that is something I am certainly going to have to work on!

The dev team in particular have been really accommodating and welcoming, they are incredibly smart people and I think I will learn a lot working with them.

As well as being introduced to a great food market near Old Street we also went out for burgers as a bit of a hello lunch for me, which was great!

The Problem Domain

Innovation Enterprise is an events company so our websites and applications are all in that domain.

Apart from loving conferences and attending lots of stuff I know nothing about the intricacies of this particular domain and I am really looking forward to getting my teeth into and understanding the business and technical challenges unique to it.

In a couple of weeks I get to tag along to one of the digital events we are putting on to see the type of work our Conference Organisers do. I think this is going to be eye opening to say the least.

The Tech

We have an awesome front end team who wrangle CSS and JS far more efficiently that I which means I get to focus on my first love, the back end – Writing mainly in Ruby on Rails.

One thing I love is that one of the first projects I am taking part in is refactoring an older project to bring it up to date. You have to admire a company that puts resource into fixing technical debt. There is a real drive to do the right thing, I am so glad of that.

The Setup

On my first day I was given a brand new 15” Macbook Pro, still sealed and was allowed to set it up exactly how I wanted. I was also given a large (unsure of the actual size) Apple monitor to use as a second screen.

Innovation Enterprise Setup

I am more than happy with this!

The Office

The office itself is great, there are boxes of free fruit to snack on, a pool table, table football and table tennis to embarrass yourself with and there are weekly massages.

The location takes me about an hour to get to, which isn’t ideal but I knew that would be the case when deciding to live in West London.

Where it is situated at is amazing, really close to Old Street tube station and right in the heart of good-places-to-eat-and-drink-land.

The desks are spacious enough that you don’t feel crammed too close to people and there is a relaxed vibe from the place.

Having an office dog roaming about is great as well.

The Conclusion

Obviously early days yet, but loving the people the problems, the tech and the setup are clearly big wins, I think I will be happy here – now just need to do some good work to make sure they are happy with me there!

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