Getting Rid of Vintage Belfast – Do you want it?

A site I set up a while ago which I didn't give time or love to

Several years ago I bought and started (the site no longer is active), I saw a gap in the web for a resource that folk from Belfast could use to help them find all the cool things happening around the "vintage" scene.

It started off well and I was adding new businesses to it fairly frequently and doing write ups of current events but time moves on and other projects start and some get abandoned. Unfortunately this was one of those.

Recently I reached out to some people to see about maybe getting some more contributors to it, but even though initial feedback from people was positive it didn't really kick me into action in any significant way.

As such this morning I decided to put the site on Flippa, if you are interested you can take a look and perhaps place a bid on it :-)

Using Flippa

This is my first time using Flippa, I have to say the process was very painless – it can hook into your Google Analytics to get the relevant traffic stats and you can easily verify you own the website you are selling by uploading a small text file. The entire process probably took 5 minutes start to end, which is great!

I have set the reserve at $20 – this pretty much covers the Flippa fee, I am not looking to make a profit or anything on this sale I just think it is a really good property that someone will make excellent use out of.

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