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We have over a decade of experience creating websites, managing web teams and training developers. We've ran into enough issues that we will be of benefit to your project.

We've worked for some amazing companies through the years and we are ready to take the value we've provided one company and share it with many more!

We are passionate about the web. When we work with you it won't be repeat business on the line, it will be our reputation as someone who makes the web better. We will not let you down.

Services we offer

We offer a wide range of services, all focused around delivering value to a web project.

Interim CTO

Toby has a passion for solving business problems, putting in place great teams and giving them the required direction.

Specifically Toby can help with;

  • Working out the product roadmap
  • Who the first technical hires should be
  • Planning how the engineering culture could look
  • Helping with the hiring process (including for a full time CTO if that makes sense)
  • Putting good development practices into the business from the get go
  • Analysing the technical landscape and the current toolsets being used
  • Turning tech talk into English when speaking to investors
  • Using my network to help the business wherever he can

You can read more on his Interim CTO page

Ruby Developer

We've worked on highly available, well trafficked Rails applications with millions in revenue going through them. We know the importance of writing clean code that is understandable and gets the job done well.

Toby's writing has been featured in places like Ruby Weekly several times. We write about Ruby and related subjects.

You can read more on our Ruby Contractor London page.

Javascript Developer

Toby has had his hand in most of the major Javascript frameworks. He has ongoing projects in both Meteor and React.

He started his career writing banner code that would select from a random set of images, now he writes realtime interactive applications in Javascript.

Technical Writer

We love writing, in fact we have a whole section of articles dedicated to the topic.

Toby has written books and for some of the best publications in the business, he would be happy to write for yours.


More recently in Toby's career he has been tasked with passing on my knowledge to more junior developers. Through workshops and one on one sessions He is able to help accelerate understanding of a subject, leaving the learner less confused and more confident than before.


We're standard nerds. We get excited by tech and like to makes people's lives easier with it. If there is something you think will get us excited and think we would be a good fit, let's chat.

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We also do Double Entendre as a Service

Interested in working with us on a project? Please do get in touch.