If someone does something really sucky, hit them in the Twitter

Female developers are not a job perk on a job specification

Today I was made aware of a question someone had asked that made it sound like female developers were a job perk (source and screenshot).

Obviously this is disgusting and there were quite a few folk noting how disgusting it was, always of course making sure the Twitter account of the company behind it was included. This is a good way to give a company some bad PR on Twitter but it has an issue of longevity associated with it;

Once the Twitter stream has died down there will be no notable mark on Twitter to detract from the company or person, so someone viewing Twitter the next week would be none the wiser and things will continue as normal.

I would like to suggest that if you really feel strongly that a company or person has done something sucky that as well as calling them out on it, you take a quick look at their Twitter list, if anyone you follow happens to follow the account take 30 seconds to drop them a quick Tweet letting them know of the suckiness and asking them to reconsider following them.

Number of Twitter followers is a stupid metric, but an account with fewer followers can do less damage and if they see they are dropping followers left right and centre they may be a little less sucky in the future.

Just my two pennies.

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