Jekyll Contractor London

We are Jekyll Contractors based in London and we are available for hire! 💙

If you’re reading this we’re guessing you are interested in hiring a Jekyll developer in London. Great! We’re London based Jekyll developers and are available for short and medium term contracting, thanks for taking the time to read this.

If you have any questions the easiest way to contact us is via email, we will get back very quickly.

Our Experience

We have had several large Jekyll projects including the site which you are currently visiting!

Here is a non-exhaustive snapshot of things we’ve done with Jekyll;

We’ve worked with many great clients over the years, check out our clients section to see some of the things they’d had to say about us and have a look at Toby’s LinkedIn profile.

We write about Jekyll and have had our articles shared in places like {static is} the new dynamic.

Why would I want to make a project in Jekyll

Jekyll is a powerful tool because it allows you to generate very fast, secure websites. The backend code which could be manipulated by malicious attackers is completely secure meaning that your data remains secure.

The unique issues of looking for a Jekyll Developer

People don’t view Jekyll as being a powerful tool as it is easy to get to grips with the basic functionality. That said it is a less common skill to be able to manipulate data and add functionality such as user generated input.

But there are a lot of Contractors in London

Competition in our line of work is stiff so it means we can’t afford to rest on our laurels and deliver sub-standard service to our clients. We need to be providing value from day one.

At the end of our contract with you we want you to be trying to find reasons to keep us involved with the company. We can only do this by making sure we are up to date on the latest technologies that will help your company and by being incredibly productive every day we are with you.

Not just Jekyll developers

We also work with other technologies, Ruby which Jekyll is build on is our main language but we also work with many other technologies including JavaScript.

You can see a full run down of other things we offer on our hire us page but the short version is that we have been managing teams and getting involved in product roadmaps for a long time now. This means we can provide more benefits to your company than completing items on your roadmap.

How we like to work

We consider ourselves to be incredibly pragmatic, we do not believe in dogma around coding practices or methodologies – we will work out the best way to deliver high quality work of value within the constraints of your organisation.

If your organisation doesn’t have anything set up we will happily share our experiences over what has worked and what hasn’t in the past with you.

What we can offer

As experienced developers who have had plenty of management experience we feel we could slot into quite a few required roles;

We don’t want to say “everything”, but we have plenty of experience and are confident in our abilities to deliver on projects large and small as a members of a team or as solo developers.


We normally book at least a couple of months out in advance, but the best thing to do is contact us if you wanted to chat more.

But I’m not in London

That is 100% fine, we offer the exact same services remotely as well. We’ve worked in companies that are 100% remote and other companies who have a very strong culture of remote working. Let’s talk!

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