Who is Marvel's Mightiest Hero? (I will give you a clue - it is Beast)

Here's a bit of an aside from the usual content I have on here

Here is a break from the norm in that today I am going to talk about one of my favourite Marvel comic book heroes. Beast.

I want to start by saying that he isn't my all time favourite Marvel creation, that space is reserved for the wonderful Deadpool - it seems that the fine folk at Marvel decided not to include the Merc with a Mouth when drawing up their list of Marvel's Mightiest Heroes, this is a place you can go and vote for your favourite hero and even be in a chance of winning a free subscription to their Mightiest Hero Collection!

Let's talk about Beast, or Hank McCoy to his friends!

First a little bit of background, I grabbed this from his bio on the hero list.

The first of the X-Men to undergo the fabled secondary mutation, Henry McCoy has fought valiantly beside Charles Xavier since the earliest days of Marvel’s mightiest mutants. With a genius level IQ and a distinct blue, furry coat, Henry was unique among the walls of Jean Grey’s School for Gifted Learning even before his transformation.

Pretty cool, huh? see this is the thing - even without the strength and agility afforded to him from his mutant powers he is a real asset to any team he serves on because of his amazing intellect. Beast isn't just book smart either, he has real street smarts and knows how to apply his knowledge to real life problems.

Of course normally insanely smart people need to get help in when it comes to brawn (think Iron Man, what would he be without his suit?) but when push comes to shove Beast can just kick ass without the need for backup.

One reason I wanted to publicly cast my vote for Mr Hank McCoy is that he has had it pretty rough. Like most mutants he was born with his mutant ability, but he wasn't always blue with claws, he was born with a very muscular physique and resembled an ape, which is pretty bad for a young book worm!

He turns blue later on in life when he drinks a serum of his own concoction that was meant to temporarily transform him, he waited too long and couldn't turn back. As someone who is very active in fighting for mutant/human relations to improve looking for physically different must be frustrating.

But enough of the sob-story, Beast doesn't need pity votes - he is complete badass in his own right, not too many folk can claim to have worked as an Avenger, a Defender and been in the X-Men as well as being a Secret Avenger and a member of X-Factor.

So look, do the right thing. VOTE BEAST!

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