A note to recruiters about tosbourn ltd

Hi there,

I am guessing you are a recruiter, we probably sent you here in reply to an email or LinkedIn message you sent us.

Please don’t think we are being rude by replying with a link but we are in a very fortunate position to be contacted quite a bit about some great positions and we wanted one place we can keep updated with our current status and opinions.

Current Status

We are not looking for any type of full time position. We are completely happy working in tosbourn ltd.

If you’re working with a client who needs a Ruby/Rails contractor for a few days a week, or needs a one off project completed then by all means you can ask them to contact us.

Recommending Others

We are not going to recommend any of our friends or colleagues to someone who we have never worked with before.

If you haven’t placed either of us in a job please do not ask for recommendations.

Offering a finders fee doesn’t change this.


We used to keep an online versions of our CVs. We replaced them with LinkedIn profiles.

Mailing List

Please do not add us to one. If you add us to your mailing list we will be flagging as spam and contacting the ICO with a formal complaint. We get too many emails.

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