Remote Interim CTO

I can act as a Remote Interim CTO, if that is what your company needs

One of the services I offer is to step in as an interim CTO for your company. I would help to plan out the roadmap and work out what permanent or temporary positions you would need to fill in order to meet your business goals.

I cover this in way more detail on my dedicated Interim CTO page so I won’t rehash it here. In this article I want to talk specifically about how I could add value as a remote Interim CTO.

Why are you offering Remote Interim CTO services?

I know how important getting a good CTO into a company is. They define so much of the culture, plus the technology and people choices they make early on can have an impact for years to come.

I have a proven track record of making good technology and people choices, and having positive contributions towards culture in this type of position. This is why I am offering my services as a CTO.

I am offering my services as an interim CTO because a lot of the time you don’t need a full-time CTO, you need someone who can help advise on a part time basis whilst you find your feet.

Finally, I am offering my services remotely because not everyone can make use of a London based interim CTO!

I have worked on fully remote teams as well as teams who have an office as a base but completely embrace the remote culture. I know I can work well and provide value remotely, which is why I feel confident I could be your CTO.

Already sold? Contact Me!

Why a Remote Interim CTO may be preferred

If you need someone to help your business make technical decisions that would normally be done by someone like a CTO, but you don’t have the budget or skill set to hire in a good full time CTO then you should be considering an interim solution.

The issue with an interim solution is that unless you happen to be based somewhere with a ready supply of excellent contractors who could fulfil this need then you are going to have to try and coax someone to travel in to work with you.

Asking people to travel in is perfectly reasonable, but it is also completely reasonable that they would ask for more money as a result. If people are travelling long distances they are more likely to get burnt out and start looking for similar jobs closer to home.

Obviously travel time isn’t a factor with a remote position, so this is unlikely to happen.

Having the flexibility for your team to be remote has several benefits, here are a few;

  • You can hire top people around the world
  • Communication and documentation are improved
  • If in different timezones you get longer development coverage
  • Access to more communities and cultures

This isn’t an article about why remote working is a good thing, but I think it is important to realise it is.

If you agree it is a good thing then hopefully you will also see that having your CTO be remote makes a bold statement that the company is invested in a remote culture.

Onsite staff don’t get preferential treatment (as is often the case) and communication and decision making is more open and well documented by default – this means that the value I can provide will outlast just the time I am with your company.

In a lot of early stage companies space is a huge factor. This seems like a small point but a remote CTO doesn’t need a desk – nor do I need a computer or any other resource that would end up costing you money you hadn’t budgeted for.

Finally, assuming that you aren’t located in London. If I was working remotely for you I would be able to use all of the resources available to someone working in London – which means your company can benefit from having someone in the capital without needing to pay the rent costs. This could mean setting up investor meetings, going to relevant meet-ups to try and attract new talent, or demoing our product at demo days.

Some of the challenges with hiring a remote CTO

It would be remiss of me to not mention some of the challenges. I believe these are surmountable (or else I wouldn’t be providing this service);

  • Building a rapport can take longer
  • Work needs to be done to get the company to being remote, if it isn’t already there
  • If we aren’t in the same timezone, communication becomes slightly harder

These are all things to consider, but I don’t think they should be considered blockers in any way.

But Toby, I want you to come to the office!

That is 100%, I love working with people face to face. If you are in London this is certainly something we could arrange. Either way, we should talk!

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