Soon I will be in the market for a new laptop

Musing which type of machine I should pick up next for developing

Pretty soon I am going to be in the market for a new laptop to use for casual surfing and web development.  I am torn between three different options and would love some feedback/opinions.

  1. My first thought was to get a MacBook, that is what I am currently using.  I like OS X and enjoy developing on it.  The major downside is cost £867 is very steep and once you are spending that type of money I may as well start looking at MacBook Pros, an extra £140 would get me an entry level one.
  2. Next on my list is to buy a ChromeBook, I had no idea they were even due to be released yet but Jonathan Kelly was telling me about it today. On the plus side it is new and gadgety and has built in support for 3G internet on the down side I have no idea how it could handle any sort of web development, I don't know enough about their offline abilities and if they have the potential for running anything other than Chromium.  At £400 it would be a steal compared to the Macs.
  3. The third and final option is to get a standard (probably Dell) laptop, haven't thought too much about exact specs (since I don't game the only thing I really look for is a decent enough processor and at least 2GB of RAM).  A quick look brought me a Dell XPS 15 Laptop which looks nice.  At £679 it is middle of the road between the ChromeBook and a Macbook, has everything I would want spec wise but I would need to check I could install Ubuntu on it.

I am pretty average with hardware and any advice would be well received!

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