Things I do not love

Here are some things and tools which I am not particularly fond of


To follow up on my post about what things I am passionate about I figured I would share my thoughts on things that currently do not particularly float my boat.

  • Photoshop being used incorrectly - Photoshop is excellent at editing photos, it is horrible for designing websites. If you give me a photoshop design to work from I will code up the HTML in tables so help me!
  • People that think a developer needs to be at their computer to develop - Some of my best work has come when I am miles away from my office and nowhere close to a computer screen. The hard part of what we do is thinking about the problem, not the code. Managers should also not care about face time in front of the company computer as much as they should care about the output from the developer.
  • Grumpy Developers - Haha I hear you laugh! You are currently hating on stuff, you can't get annoyed about grumpy developers, but I don't mean folk who go on the odd rant or talk about things they think are wrong, I mean the type that feel hard done by every time they need to come up with a solution to a problem. If you don't love solving problems I don't know why you are a developer. And if you do love solving problems, be thankful that you are getting paid to turn up every day and solve problems!
  • People who moan anonymously - This recently happened on an old blog post of mine and I see it all around the web, folk calling people out, naming names but without the guts to put their name to anything. Don't get me wrong, I love that we can be anonymous on the internet, it is just this particular use case that grinds against me!

What pisses you off? Let me know!

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