The Tim Ferriss Show

Here's how what Tim Ferriss has to say, has had some positive impact in my life

I can't remember who introduced me to Tim Ferriss, I am sure it was a recommendation by someone to read his book The 4 Hour Body, if you think it was you please let me know and I will buy you a coffee!

I read the book, loved it, dropped around 20lbs by half-assing some of it for a month (in retrospect I should have whole-assed it) and developed a respect for Tim and the way he thinks, questions and experiments.

That was about 2 years ago now and between now and then I have had next to no exposure to Tim's work, that is until by chance I had heard he was putting out a podcast.

I really enjoy listening to podcasts and figured I would give his a shot. In a few short weeks I have went from listening to a show when my other subscriptions have ran out, to chomping at the bit for new output.

What makes the Tim Ferriss Show great

There are several things that stand out to me as factors as to why I love this show;

  • The guests are all so different but all heavy hitters. There is no set theme to the show in-so-far as I can tell, the main episodes are recorded conversations that Tim has with people he has met. Because the guests aren't all from the same industry I feel I get to learn about things I wouldn't normally get exposed to.
  • The conversations are deep. Unlike a lot of guest appearances on podcasts, the conversations aren't a thinly veiled pitch for their latest product. The questions are probing, well thought out and answers are questioned again. It really does feel like you are a fly on the wall off a coffee chat between two friends.
  • Tim is incredibly open. Speaking frankly with Sam Harris about what drugs he has tried, speaking about masturbating instead of working, all stuff that generally doesn't get mentioned on podcasts, especially not by someone with such a wide ranging audience.
  • Some episodes last 10 minutes. Inbetweenisodes as they are called. Some episodes are spoken essays either by himself or someone else. 10-15 minutes is the perfect time to absorb something like an essay.

What makes the Tim Ferriss Show important

Ok so I have answered why I like it, but the title of this post wasn't that the show might be the best podcast I listen to, it was that it might be the most important one I listen to. Why is that?

  • Each episode gives me something to think about. There hasn't been one that has left me thinking 'meh' or not thinking at all.
  • The conversations with people expose how doable everything really is. One of the things I take away from almost all the episodes is that most of these heavy hitting people have had some real low points, have screwed up plenty along the way and have needed help to get were they currently are.
  • There are always more questions to be asked. I am never left feeling completely satisfied, there always seems to be something else I would love to hear about or something that I now what to independently find out more about.

Episodes I can recommend

If I have sold you on the show I would like to recommend a couple of episodes to get you started.

Have you listened to it? Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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