Using Monodraw for fun tweets

Using the Monodraw ASCII art editor for Mac for fun tweets

Today the public beta of Monodraw was announced and during my lunch I grabbed it and started playing.

What is Monodraw

It is an ASCII art editor for the Mac. I would love to give you some technical reason why this is a must have tool but I don't have one (at the moment). What I can say though is it is so much fun creating ASCII art and this tool makes it really simple.

Whilst it is in beta it is free and I am tempted to buy it now at their introductory price.

Using Monodraw with Twitter

One of the fun things about Monodraw is because it is 'drawing' using ASCII characters you can copy and paste them anywhere you like, naturally this includes the input box to your favourite twitter client!

Lets make a Monodraw Tweet

Open up Monodraw and start a new file

Open a new Monodraw file

Shrink down your viewport so it feels more like a tweet you are designing than anything bigger. By default Monodraw lets you fill up as much space as you would like.

Shrink Monodraw down

Now we want to select the Pencil Icon so we can freehand something – Monodraw does let you use text but that takes the fun out of drawing something in ASCII format!

Select the Pencil Icon

The final stage before we draw is to pick your "brush" for the pencil there are a load of options to choose from so play about!

Select the brush for your pencil

Now we come to drawing – I am not the most creative person in the world but I will try and make a shooting gun!

My gun

Once we are happy the final stage is to put it into Twitter itself, to do that we select all around our drawing and just press cmd+c

Then in our Twitter client we paste it in with cmd+v

My Tweet

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