Fixing a 'broken' webcam on OS X

You can’t use the webcam on OS X without having a Photo Booth Library

I noticed something crazy this evening when I was checking on my working wall website, my webcam had stopped being picked up.

This machine is less than a year old, so I was very worried that there was some odd hardware fault. Turns out there isn’t anything wrong with it, I just had recently removed a folder in my ~/Pictures directory called “Photo Booth Library”

Crazy me thinking that the Photo Booth Library would effect the Photo Booth app and nothing else.

Fixing a “broken” webcam on OS X

In order to test the webcam I decided to open up Photo Booth, the first thing I was greeted with was a message saying “Photo Booth could not locate your photo library”. Whilst this message was showing the light on my webcam was not on.

Photo Booth Message

I opted to “Create New…” and immediately noticed that the light came on my camera. I figured I would immediately refresh the website and sure enough my camera was spotted and working like normal.

WTF Apple

Why on earth is Photo Booth an integral component needed to get the webcam working? Pictures taken on the webcam via a website don’t get stored to this library and from poking around this Photo Booth Library directory, the only data I can see is a file that contains a handful of characters called PkgInfo.

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