BuildConf is still being awesome even after the event

A writeup on some awesome swag I received after BuildConf

A couple of days ago I was sent an email letting me know that there was some t-shirts for sale relating to the Build Conference.  I figured I would take a look on over and see if anything grabbed my attention.

Something did, I picked up the United Pixel Workers one.

The shop was a fairly nice experience, nice and quick, linked into PayPal (which is my default payment method for everything now), painless but nothing too fancy.

Delivery was fast, but then I would expect that as it probably only came from down the road, again nothing too fancy, certainly nothing that would make me write a blog post about.

The reason I have been pretty much forced into writing a blog post about buying a t-shirt is the little things that made this shopping experience excellent.

  • The packaging was a good thick heavy duty envelope - no skimping on postage cost and even though I was only getting a t-shirt I felt safer about the quality of the goods inside.
  • Along with my t-shirt there were some freebies - everyone loves freebies! I got a carpenters pencil, a sticker and some postcards - all related to Build.
  • There was a sticker on the envelope - a good quality sticker announcing the product was added to it.

I  will admit that none of these things sound that impressive when written down, but all of them added to give me an experience that was so much nicer than just receiving an awesome t-shirt.

It makes me wonder why more people don't do things like this.

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