Say hello to my new website!

The content is identical, and the design is a tiny iteration on the standard Jekyll theme so there is nothing too amazing to get excited about, but it is something I have wanted to do for a long while and it feels good to be able to check this off my toโ€“do list!

Why Leave WordPress?

I have been a fan of WordPress for a long while and still use it heavily in other projects but for this site in particular I wanted the freedom to control each individual post with ease. That isnโ€™t something that is too easy to do in WordPress and there was a lot of additional stuff added by default to the pages in WordPress that I never liked.

I never really liked the idea that my content was using a poor version of version control (a database keeping tabs on changes over time seems like a massive waste of table space) and that I was having to put these things in place to essentially make my content into a static file for quick access. Jekyll is a static site generator so this post you are reading now has never had to be generated via an on demand lookup.

Still some kinks

I have noticed some image captions have broken โ€“ I am going to fix these over time. I have also had reports that the RSS feed has managed to reset itself โ€“ this is something I will look into.

I expect there will be many more things over the next while, I look forward to wrestling with Jekyll and learning more about it!

Just the beginning

I feel now that I have a much better starting point to be able to do some as yet secret things with my site, stay tuned for more!

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