For anyone who thinks Reddit changing their policies and not allowing hate speech subreddits on their platform is hurting your freedom of speech, I want to give you an overly simplistic view on what a website is.

A website lives on a computer, Reddit will have many computers, they are probably bigger than your laptop but they are essentially the same thing.

When you post to Reddit, that post will go into their computer. With me so far? Good.

If someone started putting files on your computer you didn’t like and you removed them, are you hurting that persons free speech? No. Of course you are not, you are saying “I don’t like your files, please put them somewhere else”.

These computers Reddit have cost money to power, just like yours. Unlike yours though, Reddit needs to pay money every time someone reads or posts something to their computers. You have a monthly internet bill which won’t change much, theirs changes based on usage.

If you had to pay each time someone posted a file into your computer and you didn’t like the file being posted, would you not remove it?

Thus ends our little computer lesson, if you are offended that I am sticking up for Reddit, I don’t care. Grow up.

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