Safari Extensions I am using

Safari Extensions I am using at the moment. There might be something useful here for you if you're a Safari user

I try and run with as few extensions as possible.

I subscribe to the idea that with each extension comes potential page bloat.

With that said there are a few extensions that I am getting a lot of value from.

Safari Extensions


I have been using 1Password to manage my passwords for a very long time now. I could not be without it.

This extension allows me to gain access to the power of 1Password right from within my browser.

What I use the 1Password Extension for

When I log into a website with new credentials 1Password will pop up and ask if I want to remember this password.

If I am creating a new set of credentials I can generate passwords really quickly using the password generator.

When I can’t quite remember a URL but remember the name of a website I can put it into 1Password and it will take me to the login page with my details filled in.

Install it here


I am a recent convert to Pocket, I find it an excellent way to quickly store content that I want to read later.

The mobile app is fantastic at letting me read this content offline when I am commuting on the underground.

What I use the Pocket Extension for

I pocket content from the various developer mailing lists I subscribe to. Rarely do I want to spend time reading a lot of articles in a row and I never want an email hanging about for too long.

I will pocket a link that someone has suggested I read if it isn’t something I can dedicate the immediate time to.

I will also pocket something that I have read once but want to re-read at a later date.

I am trying to teach myself to use cmd + shift + p to pocket pages.

Install it here


Buffer is a tool for sharing social media content.

It is by far the best tool out there for doing this.

Even though I didn’t like working with them I do still enjoy using thier product!

The big selling point for me is that you can schedule the same link to go at multiple times throughout the day, which is excellent for self promotion.

What I use the Buffer Extension for

Pretty much as soon as I see a link that I think my followers would like I can schedule it to be sent.

You can select which social media accounts the link will go to, and each account can have its own posting schedule.

Like pocket I am still training myself to use alt + b to buffer the links up.

Install it here


This tiny little plugin converts mailto: links in a way that means Mail on my computer doesn’t pop up when I click on an email link.

What I use the Mailto: Extension for

I strongly dislike having to open the Mail application on my computer. This lessens the chance of me accidentally opening it.

Install it here

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