Who are Elaine and Toby Osbourn?

Meet Elaine and Toby Osbourn, the people behind the articles and developers at tosbourn ltd.

Toby Osbourn

Toby Osbourn

Toby is the founder of tosbourn ltd. He has had an interest in computers since an early age and got his first, a Commodore 64 at the age of 5. He's been in love ever since.

Toby studied Computer Science at school. Then carried on this interest into university gaining a BEng. in Computer Science. Whilst at university he worked to pick up languages that weren't taught as part of the course. During this time he started to make his own websites for fun.

After his degree Toby was keen to start working in the field of web development and got himself a job as a developer. He continued to progress through his career, up to VP of Engineering. Then he made the decision to go freelance. Now he shares his experience through consulting and interim remote CTO work.

In his spare time he likes to tinker with side projects, learn more about web development and drink real ale.

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Elaine Osbourn

Elaine Osbourn

Elaine is the other member of tosbourn ltd and works as a web developer.

Elaine's first experience of computers was playing with a BBC Micro at primary school. She begged her parents for a computer as a teenager. Despite her Father's worries about the Millennium bug, she got her first one. Then followed many arguments about the modem and the phone line.

She didn't follow the traditional route into computing. She worked for 12 years in high intensity environments and education in the NHS. Coding in her time off, she realised she loved web development. Taking this new found interest she left her job and did a coding bootcamp. Here she learned up to date best practice and got a good understanding of web development.

She uses best practices to drive quality work at tosbourn ltd. She enjoys learning more and more about web development and how this can help our clients.

In her spare time Elaine likes to code with her cats, play board games and go for walks along the Thames.

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