Personal Ponderings

Since this is my personal blog it is hardly surprising that sometimes I write about personal topics.

I will give two small warnings, I do talk about depression, which I know can be a trigger for people. I also talk about my testicles in one post, which is probably a trigger for other people.

  1. The Settlers Packaging
  2. Working whenever you want is amazing and has some unique challenges
  3. My first thoughts of Alexa
  4. London Interim CTO
  5. Banks Getting My Name Wrong
  6. What to do if your employee is worried about team culture and their depression
  7. Now
  8. Join the Anthony Nolan Register
  9. Lets talk vasectomies
  10. Never assume your wage is safe.
  11. I love programming
  12. My first screencast
  13. First week at Innovation Enterprise
  14. New Website
  15. Innovation Enterprise
  16. CreepedIn
  17. Getting Rid of Vintage Belfast – Do you want it?
  18. My time at Buffer wasn't great
  19. My Birthday Haul
  20. Imagine your RAM was erroring
  21. My Wedding Speech
  22. I fucked up
  23. My face - on a stamp!
  24. The Tim Ferriss Show might be the most important podcast I listen to
  25. Research has shown a case for closing down Vim for a while.
  26. David Stewart of Marketing Digital Solutions thinks it is OK to creep on females on LinkedIn
  27. Things I do not love
  28. What tools / technologies / ideas / principles / things I am most passionate about
  29. Who is Marvel's Mightiest Hero? (I will give you a clue - it is Beast)
  30. Hacker News follow up post
  31. My first week at Buffer
  32. I get very ill if I mix Citalopram and Green Tea
  33. Soon I will be joining the Buffer team!
  34. Keep your CV fresh
  35. A quick post about depression and software development
  36. Insane Chown Posse
  37. Location, Location, Location
  38. BornInBlood
  39. Link Dump of everything that was in my Google Reader
  40. People who give a shit will always get my business
  41. This Charmander is adorable
  42. The EU Cookie Law website
  43. What can The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo teach us about web design.
  44. My first doodle in about 7 years.
  45. IsTwitterUp? Nope
  46. New Challenges
  47. YayQuery