Ruby Ramblings

Ruby is my favourite programming language and more importantly programming community.

Even though I have been using Ruby for several years now I feel like I still have a lot of learn, the following posts are me sharing my learnings with you.

  1. When to include irb in Ruby 2.4.0
  2. ActiveJob Vs ApplicationJob
  3. Spring and Foreman complaining about secret_key not being set
  4. Fixing No Default Alternative Specified error in rails
  5. Loading a specific file into Dotenv
  6. Notes from LRUG
  7. Pictures from LRUG Nov ‘15
  8. What is a Gemfile
  9. Adding skip_after_filter to Rails Admin
  10. Uploading files with Capybara in Rspec tests
  11. The difference between Render and Redirect in Rails
  12. What is a Proc?
  13. Deleting Attachments with rails_admin
  14. Updating a Slug on a live Rails System
  15. Ruby’s Partition for Enumerables
  16. POODIR On Testing
  17. Rails Migrations for Beginners
  18. Set Intersection in Ruby
  19. Some notes and links on websockets with rails
  20. Nokogiri won't install? Check that you have accepted Xcode's EULA
  21. Converting numbers to hex using to_s in Ruby
  22. Get the name of a Ruby class
  23. Programmatically finding out the size of the retry queue with Sidekiq
  24. Using Ruby to get access to Google Keywords
  25. Generating migrations with couchrest_model
  26. CouchRest Rails Setup - Setting a blank username/password is not the same as not setting a username/password
  27. An introduction to Ruby/Rails/Git - Belfast Ruby
  28. When testing the datasift ruby gem locally be sure to turn SSL off
  29. Belfast Ruby: Talks on Elixir, Tmux and Jekyll
  30. Using Devise to verify an email address and password
  31. Barry Gordon talks about Vagrant - Belfast Ruby
  32. Getting the flot-rails gem to play nicely with IE8
  33. Rspec's be_an_instance_of is pretty useful
  34. Passing a day of the week into Ruby's Date.parse
  35. Some things I have learned about Ruby's fetch method
  36. The quickest way to get from nothing to Ruby and Rails
  37. Killing all instances of Ruby on Rails running on a certain port.
  38. Controlling a jQuery datepicker with Watir
  39. Using Dropdowns in Watir Webdriver
  40. Write simple rspec tests on one line for fun and profit
  41. Adding Data Attributes using haml_tag
  42. Getting the rmagick 2.12.2 gem working on Mac OS X
  43. Ruby Podcasts I have been recommended
  44. Validation Helpers
  45. Secure your Redmine install by patching Ruby on Rails
  46. What is the RAILS_GEM_VERSION
  47. My scribbled thoughts on Belfast Ruby's first meet up.
  48. Ruby Fizz Buzz Solution
  49. Ruby Testing and Documenting best practice