JavaScript Jollies

I have spent many years working with JavaScript.

Making amazing web-banners that would display a random banner on each page load was how I cut my teeth into JS. Followed by my serious work helped long by jQuery and now even more mature things working with Meteor, Backbone, Ember and the like.

Hopefully you enjoy what JavaScript things I have to share.

  1. An experiment in highlighting words
  2. Creating an iOS application in 5 minutes using Meteor.
  3. CSS last-of-type as a fix for last-child in Ember applications
  4. Making an app in just over an hour with Meteor and Heroku
  5. Please stop using features by testing for browser
  6. What App.reset() does in Ember
  7. Using Ember's App.reset() to kill off any local data
  8. Disable a button component with Ember
  9. Using JavaScript's debugger statement with Firefox
  10. navigator.mozApps.installPackage will no longer work use navigator.mozApps.install
  11. Accessing Popover Data with Bootstrap 3
  12. Upgrading from Bootstrap's Typeahead to Typeahead.js
  13. A fix for window.location.origin in Internet Explorer
  14. Transliteration with Typeahead.js
  15. Typeahead.js The Book!
  16. Setting a minimum length for your search in Typeahead.js
  17. Refreshing local data with typeahead.js
  18. Using Loops in Jasmine
  19. Useful Chrome Extension for Backbone.js Debugging
  20. Using Bootstrap's typeahead from inside a modal window
  21. Insert Gists without JavaScript
  22. What Meteor does when you install it
  23. Accessing PHP variables from within JavaScript under WordPress
  24. JavaScript KeyCodes