How we helped Standard Communities

Working remotely to deliver new features and improvements to a Ruby on Rails project, for Standard Communities.

Standard Communities is a mission-first investor specialising in affordable, mixed-income, and workforce housing.

Rails Development and maintenance

We work to maintain the Ruby on Rails app powering their internal finance tool. We've helped to;

  • Reduce hosting spend on development servers. We did this with a review of the current setup and understanding what could be deprovisioned or reworked
  • Organise regular updates of key dependencies. Using industry standard tools like Dependabot helped a lot with this
  • Develop new functionality for the application. Including keeping relevant test coverage high and writing things in ways to make it easy to reason about at a later date
  • Document key architecture decisions as they come up. We do this to help developers that will come after us understand some of the changes to the system

As with all our maintenance clients, we try and strike a healthy balance of maintaining the core architecture and dependencies, along with maintaining the business logic and evolving business needs.

Tech Stack

Some of the technologies we used to help Standard Communities;

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