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A list of some of the amazing clients we have had the opportunity to work with.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing folk over the years. From startup FinTech companies, to one the the largest children’s charities in the UK. We don’t care what size you are or if you need a day of work or a year, if we can be helpful, we will try.

If you would like to talk to us about some work, please send us an email

Barnardo's logo


Application development and team leadership for Barnardo’s, London.

Camden Council logo

Camden Council

Working remotely to review code bases and advise on technical direction, for Camden Council, London.

DCMS logo


Working remotely to deliver new features and improvements to a Ruby on Rails project, for DCMS.

dxw digital logo

dxw digital

Integrating with a team quickly to deliver improvements to a Ruby on Rails project for dxw, London.

Hackney Council logo

Hackney Council

Working on-site and remotely to deliver new features and improvements to a Ruby on Rails project, for Hackney Council, London.

FutureGov logo


Integrating with the team at short notice to help deliver new features and improvements on a Ruby on Rails project, for FutureGov, London.

Tailored Tutors logo

Tailored Tutors

Creating a dashboard and data input area for A level students

Snook logo


Helping win more work, improve their development practices, and working with their clients on several projects for Snook, Glasgow.

Thrivve logo


Helped supplement their development team

Kainos logo


Reviewing a Ruby on Rails application and reporting on overall performance of the codebase for Kainos, Belfast.

Niice logo


Helping to improve and migrate the database powering their software for Niice, Belfast.

TextExpander logo


Technical content creation for TextExpander, San Francisco.

Vertigo Ventures logo

Vertigo Ventures

Helping with Interim CTO and technical guidance for Vertigo Ventures, London.

Lisson Gallery logo

Lisson Gallery

Technical SEO, Strategy and Web Development for Lisson Gallery, London/New York.

QualApp (qualitative research tool) logo

QualApp (qualitative research tool)

Mobile webapp creation and technical leadership for QualApp, Leeds.

Short Films 4 U logo

Short Films 4 U

Website creation and technical architecture planning for SF4U, London.

My Accountant Friend logo

My Accountant Friend

GoCardless and Rails maintenance work for My Accountant Friend, Birmingham.

Yomo (Fintech Microsavings Company) logo

Yomo (Fintech Microsavings Company)

Technical consultancy for Yomo, Belfast.

Forward Leading logo

Forward Leading

CTO and Web Development work for Forward Leading, London.

BPR Architects logo

BPR Architects

Rails development and site improvements for BPR Architects, London.

Lead Manager logo

Lead Manager

Development work and ongoing support for Lead Manager, India.

Bonzai Event Ticketing logo

Bonzai Event Ticketing

Ongoing CTO and development work for Bonzai, London.

Heron Joinery logo

Heron Joinery

Web development work for Heron Joinery, Magherafelt.

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