Live Dictation Review

I live review the inbuilt dictation software on Mac OSx

Today I am going to live review the dictation functionality and websites

I will not as any of the texts in this reviewAnd mateThanks punctuationWhere are you on the telephone today

Got the idea from Oracle wears bossMentionedWhere he said he’d like to dictate some email replies.I thought I would give this ago

Hi I setup dictation

In the settings and Mac OS X you can go to keyboardAnd there is it hard for dictation.And now you can turn dictation onSelect use enhanced dictationWhich I believe is mentally betterAnd take a shortcut for

If you don’t want to use a shortcutYou can always go and start dictationFrom within any application

Once you select strongly dictationMicrophone appears and pretty much just follow your voice until stop talking

Say some things like

(Toby’s written note, I said “new paragraph” and “full stop” here)

And.Will cause them to happen on screenI am not sure what areThings you can say our these are just things I assumeAnd I thinkThink I can want so knowMacquarrie users are so popular

Something I have noticed is that if I stop ascendance midway throughIt’ll start the I’s new work right beside.The issue with this is that if you constantly long gets confused

According to my stats I’ve written about 200 wordsOf this reviewAt the moment I can definitely say I would practice a lot faster


(at this point dictation stopped working)

Sorry dictation seemed to stop there for awhileNew sentence

I don’t think there is one sentence that has been transcribedThat I would need anythingThis is a real shameBecause there is clearly duties kissFor dictation on computers

It seems that if you say the word youEveryone do what you said

I think I will give dictation 5/10It is kind of funButI can see any practical use fruitThe moment

Thanks for reading

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