GitGutter – A Sublime Text plugin for seeing changes in git

A short overview of GitGutter and how you go about getting it

GitGutter is one of my favourite Sublime Text plugins, and it is one of the first to be installed when I am setting up a new environment.

What is GitGutter?

GitGutter allows you to see what changes have happened since your last commit in git, it will let you easily see what lines have been added, removed or edited.

Why use GitGutter?

If you are a git user, having a view on what has changed as part of your next commit is incredibly useful – You can see at a glance in a file if you have removed something, which is handy if you make a change and walk away from your machine and need to get a feel for what you were doing.

Features of GitGutter

As well as visually showing you what lines have changed, you can also do the following with GitGutter;

  • Jump between changes (super useful in a large file)
  • Set it to only update once the file saves, or have it update live (I prefer live)
  • Change the colour of how GitGutter is presented (I have no problems with the default)

Installing GitGutter

My preferred way to install it is using the very popular Sublime Package Control, but you can also clone the code needed from the Github repository.

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