Introducing Simple CS

Introducing a project to explain computer science concepts in an easy to understand way

If you have been following along since I announced this project, apologies there hasn’t been any real updates on it, a couple of long running projects had some hitches which kept me away.

What I have been doing is researching words and I have a list of over 200 terms that I want to write about, this should keep me busy for a while!

I have also been able to get the first two articles online.

Here’s the rest so far.

I would love it if you could give these two articles a read and let me know what you thought, was any aspect of them too complex? If so I want to know because I want this content to be accessible to everyone.

Not Paid?

Some people assumed this would be a paid project. I have decided against that because it immediately makes my content inaccessible to some people, which goes against the whole premise of this project!

What I might do when all the articles are written is compile a PDF and sell it, if people wanted a purely offline version to print out or read. That is a very long way off though.

Feedback and Sharing

This project really is in its infancy and you can have a massive impact on it by giving me any and all feedback, just send me an email.

I would also really appreciate it if you could share this project with any friends who you think would benefit, either by linking them to the above articles, getting them to sign up to the mailing list, or by sharing these updates;

Feel free to get in touch on either of those places as well :-)

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