The worst thing you can do for your productivity

Here's one of the biggest time sinks I've come across for me

About five minutes ago I committed a productivity blunder, I opened my web browser.

As soon as I fire up my web browser my muscle memory takes over. I begin typing in web addresses that have absolutely nothing to do with the task I actually went on the computer to perform and actually hold no interest to me other than they are the websites I *always* visit.

Inevitably one of those websites (GMail or Mastodon, normally) will give me some new input that I feel I must deal with. This time around it was a tweet that I knew a good friend of mine might appreciate so I shared it with her.

Trying to change my browsing habits isn't going to work in the short term, that is something I need to practice and get better at, so what I need to do is stop the chain of events before it even starts. I need to stop opening my web browser.

I am starting to think that I actually should have my WiFi turned off at all times except for when I actually need it. (side note - I have actually turned mine off now!).

There are plenty of tasks that require you to browse and get the latest information and that is fine but I wonder how many of those tasks are actually core to what you need to get done?

  • If you are creating content, do it offline. Go online to save and share the content.
  • If you are going through content you have bookmarked for research, bookmark it in something with an offline mode like Evernote.
  • If you are replying to emails do it offline so new emails don't come in and you can send your replies in bulk. (Another side note - I am trying out Opera Mail, I will report back with my thoughts)

Anyway, I have already spent enough time not doing the thing I wanted to do tonight! Peace!

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