Let's talk vasectomies

So let's get personal and talk about a super intimate procedure

It was a pretty odd feeling looking down and seeing smoke rise from my balls, but what else is a boy going to do on a Friday afternoon in London?

Recently I had a vasectomy, what follows is a list of things I wasn’t expecting as a result. If you know me personally and don’t want to continue reading about my testicles, I will completely understand :-) normal tech stuff will resume shortly.

Also, if I told you I had sore legs, it is only because I didn’t want to look you in the eye and talk about my boys. I hope you understand!

  • To elaborate on my opening point. I assumed that they would be using some sort of heat source to seal the wound, but having never been awake during a procedure that required this I wasn’t expecting to see smoke-like fumes coming from my nether regions!
  • Oh, and I could also smell them burning things closed. It wasn’t an unpleasant smell per-say, but not something most men would want to experience.
  • No matter how supported you think you are by your underwear, your balls move way more than you would have guessed. The days following the procedure you will be acutely aware of each movement.
  • Gravity hurts. For the first couple of days you need to stay as horizontal as possible. The act of gravity on those little blighters is not fun.
  • They don’t tell you how to go to the bathroom in their leaflets! I was very happy by the literature I had been provided at various stages of this process but one thing I became acutely aware of was the lack of suggested techniques to be used in the event of a needed bowel movement!! (The trick is to support as much as possible and think of England).
  • There was no mention of that awkward moment when an entire room of men look so nervous. There was a waiting room of men either waiting to go in or in recovery. We all looked equally nervous. I don’t know why I expected to be in a cubical or something. You will be shocked to know we didn’t make much small talk.
  • It is fine. Yeah there is some discomfort after but nothing some pain killers and taking it easy can’t fix, I wasn’t that worried but in retrospect I should have been even less worried!

That about sums up the things I wasn’t expecting! If you are researching the procedure I hope this helps, or at least makes you smile!

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