How we helped TextExpander

Technical content creation for TextExpander, San Francisco.

TextExpander lets you instantly insert snippets of text using a quick search or abbreviation. We helped write some technical content for them.

Technical content

TextExpander approached us to provide technical articles for their blog.

We obliged by writing articles including:

Toby has used TextExpander for several years and loves the product. Here is his TextExpander review

We are both big believers in being productive when we work and using tools to our advantage, so working with TextExpander is a natural fit.

Client Testimonials

During the time I've worked with Toby, he's been pleasant to work with, flexible, and able to deliver on time.

Toby has been great at creating helpful content for the efficiency-minded developers out there. From an editor's perspective, he's good at bouncing ideas back and forth, takes feedback well, and delivers on time. He's also great at breaking down technical topics to discuss with the non-technical people on my marketing team.

As we've grown the content and marketing team he's been able to adjust with us, keeping calm, professional, and helpful.

He's even gone beyond the basic bounds of 'content writer' and pointed out some ways to improve the blog on the back end, giving extra time to help me out.

I'm very happy to have him on my team.

Maia Olsen, Marketing/CX, Smile Software

Tech Stack

Some of the technologies we used to help TextExpander;

  • TextExpander
  • Bear
  • WordPress
  • Grammarly

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