How we helped Lisson Gallery

Technical SEO, Strategy and Web Development for Lisson Gallery, London/New York.

Founded in 1967, Lisson Gallery is one of the most influential contemporary art galleries in the world, showcasing over 45 innovative and international artists, including Anish Kapoor, Richard Long and Ai Weiwei. We look after thier website.

Technical SEO, Strategy and Web Development

Lisson Gallery approached us to update and maintain their website.

As part of this project we had to upgrade Lisson through 2 versions of Ruby on Rails and upgrade all existing Gems in order to support this.

A lot has changed between 2 versions of Ruby on Rails, so one of the challenges was to correctly refactor code to follow current best thinking.

Alongside the Rails updates we're assisting them with technical SEO and website strategy.

This includes a combination of improving the codebase to make content more easily found and indexed by search engines, and helping understand how their current content is performing in search.

Client Testimonials

Toby has been a vital resource for us as we have updated our website. We were initially keen for help on improving the gallery's SEO and with advice on navigating our Google Analytics, but he advised us on so much more. From suggestions about integrating our website with our database system to QR codes in Asia and even spotting typos — his astute eye for detail has been very much appreciated. Toby goes above and beyond. He responds quickly, always with a positive and helpful attitude and works hard to keep projects on schedule. Mackie Healy, Head of Marketing & Communications

Tech Stack

Some of the technologies we used to help Lisson Gallery;

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