10 EdTech Apps Every Student Needs to Conquer College

Lets talk through 10 apps and services that every student should be aware of

If you start reading online articles, you’ll realise that EdTech is crucial for engaging elementary students. It’s easier for the professors to catch and hold the attention of young students through virtual or augmented reality, fun videos, and other tech tools. But why does it matter for college students? At this point, you start exploring EdTech for your own needs. You can’t expect for the professor to deliver everything you need, so they would engage you.

There are tools and techniques that can make your life as a college student easier. They can make you a more effective learner. And they all have something to do with educational technology.

Dropbox for Storing Files on the Cloud

As a student, you’ll go through more documents than you can imagine. You’ll write papers. You’ll conduct research and save resources for those papers. You’ll constantly search online during the studying process, and you’ll need space where you can safely store all those files. Dropbox gives you that space. You can access those documents from any device, as long as it’s connected to the Internet.


Kiosko helps you find facts on any topic. It gives you access to an archive of newspapers from all around the world. You can use it to find and check facts, and even download images that you can include in the project.

Writing Services

We started these hacks around academic projects, so let’s stay on that topic for a while longer. They are hard, and you know it. Sometimes you don’t have time to complete them, no matter how many online tools you try to use. That’s exactly why students trust EduBirdie essay writers service.

With the right writing agency, academic writing is easy. You just provide the instructions and a writer helps with the paper.

Voice Assistants

Amazon Echo devices are cool because they make you feel like you’re part of the future. But they are also cool because they add greater level of convenience in your life. During studying, you can use them to take notes and reminders. You can also ask a question and the device will answer it for you.


This is a multifunctional online tool. You may know it’s good for editing images. But did you know you can also use it to create infographics and slides for a school project? In addition, Canva flashcards will make studying much more effective for you.


Can we really talk about educational technology without mentioning the opportunity to learn online? Think about it: whenever there’s something you want to learn, you can take an online course and you won’t need to buy essays because you would enjoy writing it yourself. At Coursera, you’ll find the best selection of courses from universities from all around the world.


What if you get a brilliant idea during the morning run around campus? You don’t have your laptop near to start a research right away. You can’t go to the library when you’re sweaty like that. What do you do? You take your phone out and use Evernote; of course.

This is the most convenient app for taking notes without delays. You can use it in class, but you’ll mostly benefit from it when you capture ideas the moment you get them.


Game-based learning is a hit not only in elementary education, but throughout higher levels as well. Quizlet hacks can help you test your knowledge in a foreign language, literature, science, history, and other areas of study. You’ll solve fun quizzes and you’ll realize that tests are not scary at all. They just help you see how much you know and what areas of your knowledge you could improve.

Google Docs

Team projects no longer demand getting together with peers and wasting time on useless discussions. You can simply use an online tool that allows you to work on documents in real time. There’s no need for a fancy tool, either. Google Docs is free and works effortlessly.


Planning is an immense aspect of your success as a college student. Using an app that makes planning easier - now that’s a real-life hack. Todoist will notify you about upcoming deadlines, and it will remind you to plan your time as productively as possible, every single day.

Technology is all about adding more convenience and effectiveness into your life. Without it, you’re stuck in the past, when students used to study for hours every day and still didn’t achieve the results they wanted. Now, you have more options. With the hacks we listed above, you’ll be getting more effective by the day.

Which ones will you try first?

This is a post by Emma Rundle.

Emma Rundle is a teacher, academic writer, and enthusiastic blogger. She is passionate about educational technology and all advantages it has for both students and teachers. Her goal is to make EdTech tools more popular in schools.

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