How we helped Vertigo Ventures

Helping with Interim CTO and technical guidance for Vertigo Ventures, London.

Since 2009, Vertigo Ventures has been working with leading research organisations globally to help them identify, capture and report the impact of their work. We stepped in as an interim CTO to help push forward some development work.

Interim CTO

Vertigo Ventures appraoched us to provide some interim CTO support to help evaluate their technical processes and implement some improvements to them.

This project has involved understanding rigid Agile process, a Jira backed workflow system, and working with members of the team across multiple timezones.

We've helped to reshape their prioritisation and roadmapping procedures, and are working through some improvements to our development processes to help ensure we're building software that lasts.

Client Testimonials

As our interim CTO, Toby has been invaluable in bridging the knowledge gap between Senior Management (who don't have a technical background) and our development team.

He has helped us with roadmap prioritisation, identifying and resolving technical issues and provided solutions, advice and a series of recommendations (that we will be implementing) on how we can continue to improve processes, management and further bridging that knowledge/culture gap.

He's also friendly, diplomatic, ethical and very responsive. It's been a pleasure working with him and we've all learnt a lot – thanks Toby!

Dr Lucy Davies, Product Manager

Tech Stack

Some of the technologies we used to help Vertigo Ventures;

  • DotNet
  • Jira
  • Agile

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