Gina Charles Freelancing Interview

I interview Gina Charles about what she loves about Freelancing and what she has had to do that she didn't think she would

Gina graciously agreed to be part of my freelancing interview series, where I try and figure out this whole freelancing thing.

Gina is a freelance web developer that helps funded start-up and mid-sized technology companies increase their revenue, get more customers and grow their business. Gina is also a tech blogger and writer that focuses on thought-leadership and content strategy.

Gina can be reached on her website.

Gina Charles
Gina Charles

Without further ado, lets jump into the interview;

How long have you been freelancing for?

I have been freelancing for three years now. The first year of freelancing I lagged on it, since I was doing other projects at the time. I’ve gotten a lot more serious about freelancing in the last two years of those three years.

What services do you offer?

I offer web development services and have expanded into blogging and writing; that is content creation.

What did you do before freelancing?

I held all kinds of positions before freelancing in the traditional job market. I was in data entry at one point.

That is quite the jump! Why did you decide to take the plunge?

Taking the plunge wasn’t exactly a Eureka moment this happened gradually, I was thinking about freelancing off and on for a year then decided to give it a shot. I always wanted more freedom and to be an owner of my time and career.

How would you describe your first three months as a freelancer?

My first three months was spent trying to establish myself and reading way too much blog posts on the topic. I focused on building my portfolio through side projects as well.

If there was one bit of advice you could tell your pre-freelancer self, what would it be.

The advice I would give to my pre-freelancer self would be to start with a strategy and build processes to not only get clients but to make things easier to manage. I would also tell myself then, to be patient and that freelancing is a journey which takes time to grow and learn about.

Speaking of advice, what mistakes do you see fellow freelancers making?

I won’t say it’s mistakes more like learning from adversity, however the one thing I see fellow freelancers doing is not trusting themselves to charge more, to know their worth and losing some gigs is actually not that bad. It just makes way for better opportunities.

What one thing have you been doing way more of than you anticipated?

I’ve been waiting more than I expected as a result there is some down time involved with freelancing. I use the time to learn new skills or keep up to date on my niche and work on side projects. And not on the rigid side; keep up with shows that I’ve missed like Mr Robot and get out the house too.

Have you had to do much marketing to attract new business?

I market frequently I’m always looking for potential opportunities or creating them.

What have been the most successful things you’ve done to market yourself?

The most successful things I have done to market myself has been reaching out to companies I would like to work with directly, social media and my website. Consistency is key, nothing happens overnight.

Can you see yourself working for a company again in the future?

I am focusing on freelancing fervently but I won’t rule out working for a company again. My mind-set has totally had to change from that of an employee to one of a freelancer. This change in thinking is gradual but must happen to fully embrace this new lifestyle. If I had to become an employee again going back to an employee mind-set may be difficult.

Is there anything else you would like to say on the topic?

Yes – freelancing is an alternative to a traditional job. However, it takes time to build your business. Having determination, grit and confidence that you would succeed can take you a long way.

Anything is possible once you put your mind to it, anything of value begins in your mind and thoughts.

Also the world of work is changing at a rapid pace, if anyone is thinking about freelancing ,now is a good time to start even if it’s on the side.

Thanks Gina

I want thank Gina for taking the time to answer my questions, be sure to check her out on her website.

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