Going Freelance

I am going freelance! Learn what I will be doing and why I have decided to take the plunge

In a few weeks I will be leaving my job as VP of Engineering at Innovation Enterprise and heading out on my own as a freelance developer and technical manager.

Pretty exciting? Right? – Pretty terrifying? Also right!

Fancy working with me? You can hire me, I don’t bite.

Sorry, What now?

I will be working for myself. Splitting my time between doing work for other folk and working on my own projects.

I already have a handful of clients that I have been doing work for for years, I will be able to dedicate more time to them as well as hopefully bring on new clients over the coming months.

This will also free me up to look at some of my much neglected personal projects.

I want to eventually be making enough money with recurring revenue from these projects that I can focus on improving them. But that is several years off.

What will you offer?

I will be building out various sales pages (and revamping my this website to be more than a collection of articles) but this is my unofficial list.

  • Development – Focusing on Ruby/Rails dev and Meteor dev, but up for anything where I can provide value.
  • Training – In house, I come in and do workshops on a variety of dev/dev manager topics
  • Technical Leadership – Performing the functions of an interim CTO, a technical ear to bend when folk have issues or questions.

Of course if you are reading this before I have any more information online and you’re interested in hearing more email me.

Personal Projects?

Right now my personal projects include;

I want to spend more time on these, with some tender love and care I think they can become much more than what they are at the moment.

I also want to expand on them over time, throwing things like public speaking and creating training videos into the mix.


I can’t get into the details of why I am leaving my current role now, I may share more in the future. What I am comfortable to share is that I need a break from working full time for a company for a bit!

I will miss my team and wish them all the best. I think going freelance is the right thing for me at this moment in time.

I want to help!

Thanks! I appreciate it!

The most useful thing for me right now would be if you could share this post, either on social media (links below) or emailing people who you think may be looking for some of those services.

If you want to be the first to find out more there are a few ways you can keep in touch;

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