Camden Council

Camden council deliver public services to the London borough of Camden

Camden Council are one of London's largest councils. Serving the people of the London borough of Camden, they have been embracing tech as a way to reduce costs and serve more people in a better way.

Code review and technical direction

We worked with Camden Council to review two code bases, to understand what practices and features could be useful in future projects, and share some general technical guideance to ensure projects were complying with the spirit of the Local Digital Declaration.

The technical reports included manual code and documentation review, along with putting projects through security, accessibility, and performance testing. The findings in the report were written to be useful to a non-developer audience.

To compile the general technical guidance we organised meetings with members of the Camden team and conducted some desk research using the spirit of the Service Manual and the Local Digital Declaration as guiding points.

Client Testimonial

The work that the team at Tosbourn is doing is essential to developing and delivering our digital strategy.

Digital has been key to how Camden has addressed the challenges of the past year and with their expert guidance we hope to build on that experience to address many more of our resident and local business needs

Louise Brown, Lead Delivery Manager, Camden Council

Tech Stack

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the technologies we've used in order to help Camden Council;

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Next.js

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