Imagine your RAM was erroring

How this analogy relates to me and my life and how you can fix it

Imagine there was a common problem with RAM that presented itself in this particular way.

  • Your computer would freeze for exactly 3 seconds every 6 minutes
  • Programs would randomly crash
  • Every second restart would be interrupted and cause kernel panic

But most importantly

  • When you run a memory check, your RAM checks out as healthy, maybe not optimal but it always checks itself out as OK.

So in other words, your RAM is broken and is causing your computer difficulties but when you ask your RAM it says it is ok.

In a world were no one knows about this problem it would be understandable to listen to a few folk talk about this problem and think, yeah that sounds kind of like my RAM, but my computer freezes for 4 seconds every 7 minutes, so it is a bit different and my RAM check always comes back clean.

Of course in a world were this is a common thing, even if it is embarrassing to admit your RAM might be playing up you should do your best to look at the issue logically. If you notice any of the first set of issues and you know that RAM has the ability to lie about how broken it is then maybe you should go to a RAM expert to get your RAM fixed.

Before you start pointing me to StackOverflow questions, I am not actually talking about RAM, I am talking about mental health.

You see the brain is the sneakiest of all the organs, it processes everything and tells you how to perceive the world. This is why you think the brain is the most important organ (what other organ is it going to make you think is the most important?).

This is also why when something isn't working right in it you can't trust it to tell you it needs a hand.

If someone notices something you are doing feels like some of the standard symptoms of depression or you notice it in yourself you just have to trust me that it doesn't matter what your self-check test is telling you. Speak to a doctor.

I have written about my own mental health before if you are interested.

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