The iPhone is my main content creation computer

The iPhone is my main content creation computer, I do lots of stuff on it given how portable and powerful they have become

The iPhone has almost become my main computer for writing content.

I send the majority of my social media updates through my phone and recently I have been writing the first drafts of many of my blog posts on the phone, especially opinion or personal posts were I don’t need to do much research whilst I write.

I am writing the first draft of this from an aeroplane flying to Scotland for the weekend, I have drafted two other small posts earlier today from the waiting area at London City Airport.

I have no shortage of tech in my life, so it may seem odd that I have chosen to use something with such a small input device. I decided it is nearly perfect for the task.

  • I always have my phone on me, which means the moment I have an urge to write something I am almost certainly going to have at least my phone at arms reach.
  • Multitasking on the phone isn’t great, which is great for focusing on the writing.
  • Editing on the phone is hard, which is great for first drafts were editing should not be my concern.
  • The applications I am mainly using are Evernote and Drafts, both of which work offline and don’t care if you jump between having a connection or not.
  • I am faster at writing onto phone than I am something like an iPad.
  • I can comfortably write notes and drafts while standing up on a crowded tube. As an aside – Nothing else I have tried has made my commute go in faster.

There are certain types of posts that are hard for me to write on the phone, technical posts that require me to write code or fact check things are more hassle and therefore something I avoid when the phone is the only thing to hand.

I am happy with my current workflow of only creating the first draft and using the apps I am using, but if you have tried writing anything using your phone before I would be interested to know how you found it and if you use any particular apps or keyboards on the iPhone to aid in your writing.

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