Thoughts on Writing

By virtue of the fact you are reading this I am sure you could have guessed that we enjoy writing.

Over the years we have written in books, journals, and for some pretty interesting websites.

During this time we have picked up some tips and tricks, which we want to share with you here.

  1. What I’ve learned from looking through my old posts
  2. How to overcome thinking that no one will find your posts useful
  3. 6 Months in and bowing out
  4. Quality of your Input and Output
  5. The iPhone is my main content creation computer
  6. Some useful resources for generating content ideas
  7. A rough guide I am going to try and follow for blog posts
  8. 365 Articles in 2015
  9. Backup of Making Your Website Pay for Itself
  10. Great content has no shelf life
  11. Tools I Use When Blogging
  12. Belfast Bloggers 3rd Meetup
  13. Packt Publishing
  14. Resources for making your website pay for itself.
  15. Problems with Evergreen Content
  16. A case for writing unit tests for your blog posts
  17. Good things happen to those that blog
  18. Got an article printed in the IEEE software journal.