Keep your CV fresh

Here's how I go about keeping my CV fresh and how you should too

Over the last couple of days I have had several phone calls, emails, tweets, blips, blurps, blaps from recruitment agents wanting to catch up or have a chat with me.

This is because I am amazing at everything and everyone should want to hire me 100% of the time, but another school of thought it that I posted a social media update saying I had updated my CV.

The reason I posted this rather dull update is to gloat if truth be told, I was adding the fact I am a published author to it, I am still not over the buzz of it and wanted to do a wee bit of gloating. I thought it was perfectly harmless.

I do make an effort to update my CV regularly though, it wasn't just because there was a major event being added to it.

The fact it was seen by many that perhaps I was looking to move on suggest to me that the majority of folk do not regularly update their CV.

To me this is madness and no matter how happy I am in my work I would never not keep my CV fresh. This is why;

  • I forget stuff, and if I ever am in the position to need my CV for a job the last thing I want to be doing is spending time remembering stuff, I want to be spending time whoring myself about.
  • It helps me set goals, when everything is written down it is easy to see what is missing and what I might want to focus on over the next few months.
  • It lets me see where I have come from, it is pretty cool to remember past experiences.

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